Thanksgiving Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since communicating concerning the $1 million KTS matching grant opportunity. First, thank you to those that have either contributed or have contacted me. Good news! We are off to a solid start with contributions approaching $135,000. We have a long way to go, but I am encouraged! Second, I want to share some answers to a few questions that have come up from the Friends of KTS (us!).


Q: We are concerned that the only option is to give through SEND. We know they typically charge an administrative fee for handling contribution for KTS. Are there other options?

A: SEND has made a very gracious one-time commitment to a very low fee for handling the matching grant funds. This is consistent with their long-term commitment to KTS and is greatly appreciated. Therefore, the only arrangement for receiving contributions is through SEND.

Q: Is the match an “all or nothing” match?

A: While it might help create a sense of urgency to have an all or nothing match, the donors want as much money as possible to go to the KTS projects. Therefore, the match is dollar for dollar, up to $1 million.

Q: Being good stewards is important to us. How will the proposed tax reform impact charitable giving?

A: While the proposed tax legislation may or may not be approved, there are several ideas that could impact charitable giving. The proposed income tax legislation includes an increased standard deduction and lowers tax rates for many taxpayers. These changes would make it less advantageous to make charitable donations. The proposed estate tax legislation could include eliminating the so-called “death tax.” Past reductions of estate taxes have resulted in lower charitable giving.

We all know God owns it all and that our giving should not be based on the tax code, but it makes good sense and stewardship to consult your tax professional to understand how you plan your own financial affairs.

During this season of holidays, I want to thank each of you for the warm reception to my first email. I look forward to updating you several more times before the December 31st deadline.

Blessings and thankful for you all!...Greg


Donations should be made to SEND International as follows:

SEND International
PO Box 513
Farmington, MI 48332, USA

Indicate on your check that the funds are for Account #: 510061



Questions and comments are welcome. You can reach me through our contact form or phone 254-760-2139. And I would be glad to come present the details of this opportunity to you or your institution.

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