May 2020 Update

KTS Dorm Room Completion

KTS Dorm Room Completion

Greetings to the Friends of KTS! It is truly wonderful to be able to report on the progress being made at Kiev Theological Seminary when most of our news is about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lord has been very gracious over the past few months as construction continues. Here’s a quick update:

  • Built internet lines in seminars, bought routers and internet equipment
  • Started the video surveillance system installation
  • Completed sewer repair in front of the seminary building
  • Received desks for the classrooms
  • Installed ceiling from 1st to 5th floors
  • Installed floor tile. Floors 2,3,4,5 are finished. Next are the “steps” from the 1st to 5th floor.
  • Installing a fire alarm system (not finished yet)
  • Installed ventilation system
  • Initiated painting project
  • Ordered beds and mattresses for the dormitory

As reported earlier, there are still some exciting things to be completed by the end of the year, Lord willing! They are:

  • Finish western block by September 1
  • Finish 2nd floor north block prayer hall
  • Install elevator
  • Continue building kitchen and dining room
  • Complete a courtyard around the seminary, arranging parking and driveways according to the project plan

While the world is in a time of turmoil and uncertainty, we are definitely feeling God’s hand as we see progress continuing. I look forward to bringing you more information in the next few months.

Blessings, Greg

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