June 2018 Update

Praise God!

Have you ever marveled at how God provides? I know I have heard my pastor many times reference J Hudson Taylor, the amazing missionary to China. Mr. Taylor said that “God’s work done in God’s way will not want for Gods supply.” Can you imagine the needs Mr. Taylor faced as he set out to evangelize the Chinese people?! Well, this past week, our friends at SEND International notified me that we had received a $100,000 gift towards the KTS matching grant! What a great way to end the month of May and such an encouragement that God is favoring KTS as something done in His way! To date, we have received just over $421,000 in gifts and we are already receiving matching monies as well.

Work has begun!

With the amount raised, we are ready to begin the projects. Anatoliy, Ruslan and the team are getting bids and working with the following priorities:

Stage I – Finish Prior Project and Enclose Building: $500,000

  • 67k – Finish the territory ordering, releasing part of the communal road
  • 270k – Enclose the back of the seminary which was left open
  • 30k – Heavy materials for next step of KTS construction inside a building. After closing façade, we will be not able to bring into building.
  • 133k – Operational funds to the end of 2018.

Stage II – Block 4 Completion: $512,000

  • Complete block 4 (classrooms, offices and dormitory) – to give more room to Church Ministry Institute and improved better students’ residence.

Stage III – Kitchen and Cafeteria: $490,000

  • Finish kitchen and cafeteria, block 1 and 3, first floor.
  • Bring kitchen up to code

Stage IV – Original Building Repairs: $145,000

  • Repairs to main (older) building – to repair leaky roof and heating

Stage V – Material and equipment: $186,000

  • Additional materials to bring inside before closing the building


  • $1.7m for construction
  • $133k for operation to the end of 2018
  • $167k for operational reserve


With recent gifts, we are confident that we can move forward with all of Stage I and II. This is great, but we want to press forward and maximize the match. I would still ask that you consider your personal networks and see if there are not one or two people that might share in developing this great ministry. Contact me via email (greg.gilkerson@gmail.com) or phone (254-760-2139) and let’s see what God will do though us to bring in the rest of the match. We are half way there with one month to go!

With gratitude to each of you! Your gifts are making it possible to envision these KTS students arriving to their new and expanded facilities!… Greg

p.s. In Anatoliy’s newsletter today, he mentioned that the majority of Ukrainian churches with over 400 people are being led by KTS graduates. Faithful teaching of God’s Word is life changing!

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