January 2020 Update

It has been several months since I updated you on the progress KTS is making with the projects being funded by the matching grant. It is so exciting to see several of the building areas being transformed for future use. Very important as well, we continue to be impressed with KTS’s stewardship of the Lord’s funds.

Starting in late 2018, KTS has been undergoing significant changes. A quick recap is as follows:

  • Western block facades were completed, including windows and doors.
  • All interior walls were completed.
  • Partially installed life support systems for north block kitchens and dining room.
  • Completed all electrical and engineering lines (water, fire hydrants, sewage). KTS received approval to continue work to get permanent connection to electricity from the city.
  • All plasterwork, floor leveling, and filling was completed.
  • A seminary heating plan was developed and implemented.
  • KTS received PERMANENT permission to use city heat. Since 2004, the seminary had temporary access and, each year, it was necessary to update and start over. This is a really big deal, Praise the Lord!

The above is great progress! However, it gets even more exciting when we contemplate what is planned for 2020. It is as follows:

  • Finish western block by September 1
  • Finish 2nd floor north block prayer hall
  • Install elevator
  • Install ventilation system
  • Continue building kitchen and dining room
  • Complete a courtyard around the seminary, arranging parking and driveways according to the project plan
  • Continue meeting government requirements (documents and certificates)

Needless to say, KTS will have a much greater capacity to serve the staff and students in the foreseeable future. This is a real testimony to your faithful support. As we see 2019 in the rearview mirror and look forward to 2020 with great anticipation, we hope that you will continue supporting this wonderful work at Kiev Theological Seminary!

Blessings and talk to you soon!… Greg

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