April 2018 Update

I trust this finds you doing well and having experienced a joyful Easter. As I age, my awe of the Lord and His plan for our salvation continues to grow. The Creator of the universe intentionally takes on the sin of the world and defeats it by His glorious resurrection. During the Easter season, I was moved by a Wall-Street Journal article that made a logical, historical case for the truth of the resurrection. It was intriguing as the author started with the 3rd century decision by the Roman Emperor Constantine to become a Christian and worked his way back to the resurrection. It was wonderful to read an account like this in a secular newspaper.

Another exciting reality is that we are now at over $265,000 in funds raised towards the $1 million matching grant opportunity. With the match, we now have over $530,000 available to start the projects we have envisioned. Having reached this milestone, we have asked Anatoliy, Ruslan and the KTS team to review their project priorities and prepare to start work. This is such great news and is a testimony to your generosity and faithfulness. Thank you so much! The even better news is the fact is much more is available to further all of the proposed projects. I trust that you will continue to pray for additional gifts and that you will forward any ideas that you have to me or to KTS.

2017 KTS Financials

Last, we recently received a copy of the 2017 KTS financials. The operating costs for 2017 were less than $240k! With over 200 churches planted by KTS graduates and a Kingdom impact we can only imagine, Pam and I continue to believe KTS is one of God’s true lighthouses for Christian education and leadership training. If you have not already done so, consider joining us as we invest God’s resources to His work at KTS and beyond.

Blessings to you and your families…Greg

p.s. The matching grant opportunity ends on June 30.

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