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Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) is a Ukrainian-run seminary that has been providing quality training for the next generation of Ukrainian pastors and missionaries since 1995. KTS has over 330 graduates who minister in Ukraine and around the world. In order for KTS to get to the next level of service in Ukraine, several projects on the building need to be completed.

A group of anonymous donors has committed a $1 million matching grant to complete these projects at KTS.

Matching Grant Opportunity

If you are here because of your previous support of Kyiv Theological Seminary, thank you! You are a blessing to KTS and its graduates.

By God’s grace and amazing provision, a group of anonymous donors has committed $1 million dollars to a Kyiv Theological Seminary matching grant program! This program gives KTS the potential to raise up to $2 million dollars to help complete significant projects to facilitate seminary growth and future ministry impact. Below are the details.

In October 2016, Greg and Pam Gilkerson, friends of Anatoliy Prokopchuk, visited KTS. Anatoliy is the current KTS President. When asked what it would take to move the seminary to the next level, Anatoliy spoke of lingering projects that must be completed to comply with local codes or KTS would face the possibility of losing heat from the city. Anatoliy created a list of projects to bring the seminary into compliance and to map out growth opportunity.

When the Gilkerson’s returned to the States, they contacted several donors, and matching grant money was committed, collected and is available for the match.

Thankfully, the donors are excited about KTS and the impact being made by training church-planting Christian leaders.


The criteria for qualifying gifts is simple: all donations received between October 1st, 2017 and June 30, 2018 will be matched.

The funds raised will be focused on the following list of priorities:

  • To complete the clean-up, fencing and landscaping at the rear of the seminary. This work is related to the previous building construction and eliminates the exposure to city fines – $67,000.
  • To purchase materials for future projects that must be brought inside before closing the building – $200,000.
  • To enclose the back of the seminary which was left open to allow for access during the original construction project. By completing the building exterior, KTS meets local codes and qualifies to receive heat from the city – $270,000.
  • To finish another dormitory and office block – to give more room to the vibrant Church Ministry Institute and offer additional resident dorm rooms – $500,000.
  • To complete/modernize the kitchen and cafeteria, bringing it into compliance with local codes – $491,000.
  • To make overdue repairs on the main (older) building – fixing the roof and heating system – $145,000.

The total for the projects listed is $1,673,000.

The balance will be put in reserve for operations. $1.673M is a high-level estimate. The focus is to tackle the priorities in the order listed above and, exercising good stewardship, get as much done as possible.


Hopefully, you are as excited as our match donors are about the possibilities. If so, giving is simple. Your donations should be made to SEND International. There are two ways to give to SEND. They are as follows:

If giving online, note that there is an option to “Give” and an option to “Start a Fundraiser for KTS Matching Grant.” While the “Give” option is obvious,  the fundraiser option facilitates getting the word out to friends and family. Even if you have one or two contacts, it’s a great way to get them to support the KTS matching grant program.

SEND International
PO Box 513
Farmington, MI 48332, USA

Indicate on your check that the funds are for Account #: 510061

will you join us?

It will be exciting to witness how these funds will impact God’s Kingdom. To see this project come alive, know that you will be fully informed on this here on this website as to our progress on the project.

We see this opportunity as a one that might only come along a few times in our lifetime. Will you prayerfully consider joining us in allowing God to use His resources for His glory at Kiev Theological Seminary!


Questions and comments are always welcome. Please fill out the form below to reach Greg Gilkerson or you may call him at (254) 760-2139.

Also, Greg would be glad to present details of this opportunity to you, your church missions committee, or other interested parties.

Privacy Notice

Note, we never share or sell any of our donor information with a third party. We understand the sensitive nature of donating to a ministry and take that responsibility seriously.
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